Calling system for restaurant and cafe

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Quite simple; higher effectivity, higher customer support and elevated income as well profit!

That is what a call system will give your restaurant or cafe. Whether you’re operating in fine eating, fast meals or casual dining, there are a lot of benefits to use our call / pager systems.

You are free from loudspeakers, callouts or displays, making a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your restaurant or cafe. With a calling system, there isn’t any confusion concerning the company’ order – everybody gets what they have ordered.

You can select between a pager system that focuses on communication between friends and workers (a guest call), or communication between the staff internally (a waitercall)

The advantage of a guest call system is best communication between the kitchen and the guest. With a visitor call you avoid long queues and make the waiting time more comfortable to your guests.

With a server call, you guarantee higher and more efficient operation of many company, especially in giant areas. You get higher and more constant communication from the kitchen to servers and waiters. And the serving staff gets a greater and more smooth workcirculate with fewer runs back and forth. This provides a significantly better work environment with less stress and more time for the guests.

Whatever you choose, you’ll get a calling system that is simple and quick to put in, and that after all works each time!

A visitor pager system is perfect for a lot of places; Restaurant, cafe, cafeteria, bistro, brasserie, canteens, QSR, self-service restaurants, casual eating, fast food place, kiosk, meals shop, coffee shop, meals truck, food court, road meals, burger bar, pizzeria, baker, inn, bar, grill bar, take -away, eatery, pub, hookah lounge, gastro pub, sushi restaurant or ice cream shop. In brief, wherever visitors need to wait for food or a table.

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